About Us

Introducing Cafe Hero

Café Hero is a guide to Yorkshire’s finest cycling cafés.  Created by a small group of local road cycling enthusiasts, Café Hero is all about the rides, the coffee and the cake.  Our website features an interactive map and individual profiles for all the best cycling cafés in Yorkshire to get the most out of your pit stop.

Note: every single cafe in our guide has been tried and tested by us.  We don’t take any commission or money from any of the cafes featured – so if the cafe is in the guide you know it’s good!




How to use the website

We wanted the Cafe Hero website to be easy to use, and understand that most people are looking for cycling cafes in a specific area.  For this reason, we decided to base the website around an easy to use interactive map.

For each cafe we have created an individual profile with all the information you need to know.  This includes:

  • Contact details
  • Facilities
  • A brief review
  • Example pricing
  • Local climbs / segments
  • A twinned rider

Most of the information is self explanatory, however the symbols we’ve used to describe what facilities are on offer need a little explanation.  For ever cafe you will see something like this:


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.38.21


Shop indicates the cafe is part of a bike shop e.g. selling bikes, clothing, accessories. Maintenance shows a cafe has a full bike workshop (not just a track pump or tubes!). Bike Storage suggests a place to stand or store a number of bikes safely (not a specific bike locker).


Social Media

We have a long list of cafes that we will be adding to the website over the coming weeks and months.  To make sure you don’t miss out keep an eye on our website and follow us on social media:

  • Twitter: @café_hero1
  • Instagram: @cafehero
  • Facebook: /thecafehero


Also, if you think we’ve missed your favourite cafe, or if you are a cafe owner and think we’ve overlooked you make sure you get in touch as a matter of absolute urgency!


The Team

The Cafe Hero team is:

  • Alan Carr (Team Principal)
  • John Taylor (Director Sportif)
  • Hylton Armstrong (Road Captain)


2015-08-26 16.55.36



A number of the images on our website were kindly provided by Russell Ellis at Cycling Images.

Please make sure you check out his amazing work at: www.russellis.co.uk


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