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We love a good farm shop at Cafe Hero! The problem is that not all farm shops are the same.  Some are really just posh supermarkets with a coffee machine attached.  Not here.  Tancred is as much a cafe as it is a shop… there’s a big menu, seating inside and out, and really friendly staff on hand to give you a super smooth service.

The thing we really like about Tancred is that it’s hidden, and we’re constantly amazed at how many local riders there are that have never heard of it.  We say: their loss, our gain!  It means you can usually get a table even with big groups and don’t have to join the back of a queue just to pay!

Come to think of it, Tancred might be another of those great cafes to drive to.  You could park up, have a spin along the flat roads to Easingwold and back, and then tuck into some proper grub at Tancred!

See you there!

Opening Hours

Mon: 8am-6pm

Tue: 8am-6pm

Wed: 8am-6pm

Thu: 8am-6pm

Fri: 8am-6pm

Sat: 8am-6pm

Sun: 8am-6pm



2 filling breakfast butty: £3.95

Pie & Peas: £4.45


We Recommend

The slow roasted pulled pork sandwich – this is the real deal!


Local Climb / Segment 

Queen Ethelberg dash – a 1.3km blast over the cobblestones sections outside Queen Ethelberg’s school:



Twinned Rider

Charly Wegelius – an unsung hero from the local area

Additional Details

  • Address
    Tancred Farm Shop, Whixley, YO26 8BA
  • Telephone
    01423 330764
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