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Up and running since 2011, The Local Pantry is a family run shop and café which offers top quality food from local farmers and producers. There is a strong emphasis on supporting the community and rural economy and there are specials every day, with all food prepared by the chefs in the open kitchen using the best of what’s local and in season.

If you are on the homeward leg of your ride, then it’s a fantastic place to stop off and enjoy some food in the sun with friends or alternatively if you are using your car to visit the area it’s a great spot to start and finish your ride since there’s plenty of parking and you can do your weekly organic granola shop afterwards!


Opening Hours

Mon: 8am-9pm

Tue: 8am-9pm

Wed: 8am-9pm

Thu: 8am-9pm

Fri: 8am-9pm

Sat: 9am-5pm

Sun: 10am-4pm



Tea: £1.95

Scone with butter and jam: £2.50



The Victoria Sponge – probably as good as it gets


Local Climb Segment 

Norwood Edge is a famously difficult top 100 climb just around the corner:


Twinned Rider

Lizzi Armitstead – a hero just around the corner


Additional Details

  • Address
    Harrogate Road, Pool, LS21 2PS
  • Telephone
    0113 2037 361
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    @‪thelocalpantry‬ ‬
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